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We would like to say that we have over 50,000 Square feet of furniture stacked to the ceiling with over 5 warehouses and multiple 52' Trailers and counting.  We are the worlds largest supplier of vintage office furniture.  If you want to order 300 side chairs, we have them; 100 desks is not a problem; 75 tables is easy to us.  We do not have a large overhead so can offer our products at a cheaper price worldwide and ship our products to New York almost every single day, Go New Yorkers!

The most common response we hear from people when we tell them about the electrostatic painting process, “Is this the same thing as powder coating?” The answer is no, my friend! There are some similarities in electrostatic painting and powder coating, but where powder coating has its weak spots electrostatic painting excels.

Electrostatic painting is often confused for powder coating. Both processes use electric charges to create magnetic bonds between the paint and the object, but a powder coat has to be baked in an oven off-site. With electrostatic painting, the bond between the paint and the object insures the paint will hold up, allowing the few hours necessary to cure and dry. The Electrostatic Process, in combination with high quality paint, makes for a new finish that will last years without chalking or fading.

Electrostatic painting can be done On-Site, and in some cases, the items are ready to be used the next day. This means less inconvenience for our customers. Since there is no need to ship and wait for your items to be returned, you can minimize the chance of damaging the finish.

For information about the quality of our paint and drying times, we use Urethane Paint, for well ventilated areas and outdoors. If the item is painted, indoors with little ventilation, an Enamel Paint is used, in accordance with federal regulations.

We use automotive paint, our process is equal to or better than the manufactures original coating.  Simply put, if you would prefer your piece or pieces to be powder coated, we have an oven on site and multiple powder coating machines; or will send your piece down the street to the nations largest powder coating company.

While our competitors offer RAL colors only, we offer 27,000 Colors; if that is not enough, just bring your color and we will match it to make a new color just for you.

Ann Street Showroom

9526 Ann Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA.  90670

Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.  Phone: 888-501-5660

Freeman Showroom

10020 Freeman Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA.  90670

Monday-Friday, 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Saturdays by Appointment Only