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Vintage Specials & Floor Models

Floor Models are pieces that we have previously restored, or are from orders where we made excess pieces for sale.  Items are sold as they are and no product alteration will be done.  Prices for Floor models are significantly less than normal website prices and are for that product only.  If more than the specified quantity is desired in the same configuration, full price will go into effect for additional items.

At Retro Office, we have hundreds of pieces that we have already restored in our warehouses, an additional charge may apply for additional customization or changes.

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Holga 60"X30" Airliner Tanker Desk

Shown Here is a Holga 60" Airliner...

Sale Price:$900.00

Product details


Steelcase Vintage 60" Vintage Tanker Desk

Shown Here is a Steelcase 60" Classic...

Sale Price:$974.25

Product details


Vinyl Wrapped Customized Tanker Desks

Shown here is a Steelcase 60" Tanker...

Sale Price:$2,174.25

Product details